Approved at a board meeting on June 2, 2021


The role of S&M Verkís is to create value and support development of the society and its infrastructure by providing professional consultancy and design.


S&M Verkís strives to provide first-class service and aims to be the premium choice for:

  • Customers, by providing solid consultation that meets their requirements in an efficient and practical manner.
  • Employees, by fostering a positive and encouraging work environment where employees thrive and can develop their  skills.
  • The community, by emphasising responsible work procedures, sustainability and innovation. 

Principal Objectives

The principal objectives of S&M Verkís are to:

  • Provide first-class services in engineering and related fields
  • Offer services in line with market needs
  • Choose innovative solutions with sustainability as a guiding principle 
  • Increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of projects
  • Be a sought-after workplace
  • Maintain and increase the expertise of employees
  • Strengthen the environmental and sustainability awareness of employees
  • Emphasize safety in the workplace and in projects
  • Show social responsibility
  • Ensure the company's profitability


  • Integrity - Ambition - Initiative