Sundahöfn harbour

Reykjavík - Iceland

  • Sundahofn

Verkís services was masterplan study, field investigation, surveys and preparation of tender documents.

 Sizes: 2.300m
 Project time:  1958 - 2000, 2004 - 2007, 2010 - 2014

Project overview:
Sundahöfn is a harbour in Reykjavik and extends from Laugarnes at Vatnagarðar to the bottom of Ellidavogur. The harbour is divided into several quays, where for example are premises for the shipping companies Eimskip and Samskip. There is also quay for the cruise ships that are too large for the harbour in downtown Reykjavík.

The project comprises a feasibility study and investigations and survey as well as design of quays and facilities. The harbour is supposed to take ships up to 40.000 DWT in the carco area.

Verkís also handled the expansion of the Sundahöfn harbour, where 1500m long excavation was made, that reached up to 10 m depth.