Arion banki headquarters

Borgartún 19 - 105 Reykjavík - Iceland

  • Arion-banki-Rvk

Verkís services was electrical need analysis, low voltage equipment, backup power, lighting, video and sound systems, acoustics, computer installations, fire alarm systems, ventilation, project and cost control, preparation of contingency plans and preparedness exercises.

 Sizes: 8.200 m2
 Project time:  2004 - 2008/2014

Project overview:
Arion Bank headquarters at Borgartún 19 are concrete house on six floors. Open office at all levels and at all floors are meeting rooms, kitchen and toilet facilities. In the upper and lower basement are kitchen, cafeteria, technology room and storage as well as a car parking. Four elevators, product elevator, two stairs houses and circular paths connecting the floors together.

All lighting is specifically designed for that environment where it is possible to control both the amount of light and color in your area. Meeting rooms are all very well equipped with the possibility of video conferencing connections, regional management for light and sophisticated equipment for teaching. In the entire building is an automated fire alarm system and security system linked to the SCADA system. Mechanical air activation and computer-controlled heating and cooling system controls the temperature in the building. Building control system keeps track of ventilation, fire alarms, light control, snow melting system, heating and cooling systems. Pressure water system is in all areas of the building.

Verkís handled tested of contingency plans for the bank. The main tasks are to organize the tests put into practice and managing and reporting test results. There will be testing for plan of operations prevalent age, contingency plans for liquidity, computer attacks and spot checks authorities. The project was carried out both by employees from Verkís and our contractors (Critical review and Raferninum).