Optical fiber system at Akranes

Akranes - Iceland

  • Ljosleidari-a-Akranesi

Verkís services was system design, feasibility study, project management, quality control, selection of materials, budgets, surveys, design and storage of geographic information databases.

Project time:  2004

Project overview:
Optical fiber cables installation for Municipality of Akranes.

Since 1988, Verkís has designed more than 2.200 fiber optic connections for businesses which does not include design of FTTH connections. Verkís design of FTTH connections currently serves around 4 - 5.000 users. From the early years of optical fiber has accumulated extensive experience in acting on the fiber optic solutions that have achieved the widest use in Iceland and around the world. Verkís has 25 years of experience in the field of fiber-optic networks and offers design solutions for all aspects of fiber optic systems where cost-effectiveness is guided.

FTTH project in Iceland is based on the idea of open access where distributors media, Internet and phone have the same opportunity to reach customers. This gives customers the opportunity to choose a distributor and maintains at the same time healthy competition at the market. Verkís has been an important player in the development of fiber-optic network in Iceland and has been one of the main designer of fiber optic infrastructure in Iceland.