Distri­bution- og for­synings­­systemer

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Verkís offers extensive service and consultation associated with the design and planning of utilities structures.

Company staff have decades of experience in the utilities field, including waste water disposal and water supply systems, as well as rainwater handling and storm drains for roads and roadbuilding projects. These services include piping system design, flow calculation, current-state assessments, systems maintenance and measurements. For many years, the company has handled the design of wastewater systems for both large and small municipalities, enterprises, and individuals, for example by designing drain and sewer systems, rainwater handling systems, sewage pumping and water purification systems, sewage system outlets, and computer simulation of piping systems.

Verkís also offers comprehensive services for piping and drainage systems, and is working on the use of natural methods for purifying sewage and rainwater, thereby promoting the sustainability of systems and reducing energy consumption, materials use, and the cost of such systems. 


  • Rainwater and sewage systems
  • Pressure pipes, outlets, sedimentation ponds and flood plans
  • Pipe system simulation, current-state assessments, and maintenance
  • Custom solutions for enterprises
  • Flow measurements and pollution monitoring